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Marialaura Fedi 

An Italian Illustrator and visual designer living in Rome.

She studied as a painter at Rome’s Fine Art Academy then specialised in illustration working alongside the greatest masters in the manner of Rinascimental workshop.

Her research is about women and their inner feelings reflected in the space they occupy. 

She conceived the work of illustrators as a contemporary Rinascimental artist, whose mission is to make subtle meanings understandable to the most.


How did you get started?

I started my work as illustrators looking for a tangible way to express my self through images. I was studying painting at Rome’s Fine Arts Academy and I needed to understand how this practice could become a full-time job. The illustration practice was something that was quite far from my aesthetic, it was all about children's books and cartoons, but I had the sense that it was my way, somehow.


Can you describe your creative practice and processes?

I think my creative practice starts from the gaze. I’m fascinated by the shape of things, the movements of people, the images in general. that obsessive research of images usually became an idea, not complete, just the scent of it. So I start sketching ( I practice sketching almost every day, it’s kind of meditation) without an intention, just wandering in my head and body. Usually from those sketches sessions came up a good idea, not always. 


What have been your most exciting projects? 

I like working with people whom I can relate with. I really enjoyed working with Piccola Profumeria and The Maptique. For me, the satisfaction from work depends on the kind of relationship I’m able to create with my clients. 


What do your materials mean to you?

I feel affection for just a few things, there are some colours that I have since I started that are like friends. But generally, my materials are just useful things I use to turn my ideas into images. 

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